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Birds Coloring Pages

What’s your favorite bird? Is it the tiny sparrow or gigantic ostrich? If you haven’t chosen your favorite one up till now, this is the time to do so, as you’ll be printing the bird coloring pages and bringing your favorite bird to life. Birds are a beautiful creation of nature with a magnificent power to fly. They have a vast range of colors in their body, including metallic sparkling shades. The diverse color range you can see in different birds is an exciting way to teach your children about different colors, the name of the birds and even information about the specific birds.

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Birds are a beautiful creation of nature with a magnificent power to fly. They have a vast range of colors in their body, including metallic sparkling shades. The diverse color range you can see in different birds is an exciting way to teach your children about different colors, the name of the birds and even information about the specific birds.  

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  • robin on the tree branch coloring page

Besides, birds coloring pages can be a great source of enhancing creativity and motor skills of your child. Thus, a fun way to learn and get long-term benefits.  

  • Blue jay on tree branch coloring pages

Birds are amazing creatures with different characteristics: 

Birds can be shy, quick, smart, aggressive, careful and even friendly. With these characteristics of the birds to enjoy, your child can also relate to these characteristics and might also develop them as a result.  

Kids adore birds as much as they adore other slimy, sludgy or fluffy animals. As a matter of fact, most of the kids even keep different types of birds as their pet too. Their feathers full of colors, sounds and funny behavior, entertain them to no end. With the wide range of bird species available, every kid can easily choose their favorite bird. 

Explore our Latest Collection of Birds Coloring Pages  


Kids of all ages love coloring birds’ pages and it is well-known fact that these coloring sheets and pages of birds are very well-received by the kids. Here, at Peasy Colorings, you will find different kinds of birds with their distinguishing traits. The bird coloring sheets are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and even the school goers. Find out our latest collection of free printable birds coloring pages for absolutely free your little ones.

Printing Quality Birds Coloring Sheets for Educational Purpose  

Apart from the general use of the printable coloring sheets, you can also consider these bird coloring sheets adequate for educational purposes in the formal settings.  

If you are designing the course syllabus for the toddlers, you should include these special bird coloring sheets as a part of children’s daily work routine. It will serve multiple purposes.  

Firstly, the kids will be able to learn coloring and consequently the use of pencils, water colorngs or crayons and the right way of holding them. Secondly, they’ll get familiar to the birds around them. For the toddlers, you might want to consider simple and easy birds coloring pages like sparrow, crow, parrot, pigeon etc. whereas for the older kids you can include the complex ones like ostrich, eagle, penguin, bluebird and the others.

Apart from the original birds, there is a range of fictional and animation characters in the bird’s category too. You can find the Angry Bird’s coloring pages and Tweety birds’ coloring sheets as part of the free printable coloring pages available on PeasyColorings.Com. These animated bird characters can enhance an overall spirit of imagination and creativity in your children too.   

History of Birds – Keep Informed While Coloring Pictures of Birds  

While coloring pictures of birds, your kids don’t have to rely on simple coloring only. You can also have an overview of the history and classification of the birds too to help your children learn about them. Thus, you can expect to have an interesting informative ride too.  

So, let’s have an overview of what sort of information can you expect and share with your kids while working on the coloring pages for birds.  

Origin of Birds: 

The history of birds and its evolution into the current form is very interesting. Birds are thought to have been originated from reptiles. This idea got its back from the recent discovery of new fossils and the use of new methods for analyzing the existing fossil records that the scientists had.  

So, now do you want to know which of the reptile’s species is the direct descendant of the early birds? Carnivorous Dinosaurs – yes, the history of the birds dates back to such an old time.  

Even the early birds had a few characters of their own and a few from the therapods (the carnivorous dinosaurs). Over time, the therapods got extinct and the new birds evolved generation over generations to reach the stage that we currently know.   

Classification Of Birds

While, we all know that birds are vertebrates, the further classification is often skipped or we get confused in the further classification.  

To freshen your memory regarding the classification of birds, let’s share it in a bit detail. The birds are part of the vertebrates from the animal kingdom. Within this classification, they can be further classified as the warm-blooded creatures.  

You might be considering it a bit too much of information already but it isn’t. There is a separate classification within this category as well. We will be sharing a few bullet points here to help you remember and understand the facts about the classification of birds.         

  • Feather traces, absence or presence of aftershaft, characteristics of feet, bone structure and other bodily helps in characterizing the birds into specific orders.  
  • Within these orders, you can find certain similarities as well, however, there is a distinct list of features which separates all the different birds into the specific types. 
  • There are 23 different “Orders” of birds. So, the birds that we see around have their own classification putting them in different categories (obviously, we humans have done so, but it is based on the characteristics that these birds have shown).  

Birds Facts You Must Know  

These fun facts about birds will definitely amaze you. You can share them with your friends and family members or even with kids if you are parent. If they are busy in activity of  learning or adding colors to the printable pages of their favorite birds.  

  • Ravens (a form of crow) can mimic and create sounds pretty good 
  • Pigeons have been used for communicating the result of the Olympics in the older times (imagine, how evolved have the modern means of communication have become) 
  • Ostrich has the largest eyes on the land.  
  • The beautiful cardinal birds have ants around them always and they like being surrounded by them. 
  • Parrots can learn 100 different words from your language. If you have parrot as a pet, be wise while teaching it the new words – make sure they are useful. 
  • Owls can eat their prey without dividing it into pieces. This is true for small sized prey, but for the larger animal bodies, there have been evidence of dividing them in pieces before eating. 
  • Ducks can sleep with an open eye. 
  • Ostrich is the largest bird (this one is fairly obvious, isn’t it?) 
  • Penguin’s black and white color can be a camouflage. This is because of its habitat.  
  • Kiwis are the “honorary mammals”. 
  • The bones of the birds are hollow, which help them in flying.  
  • A humming bird is so light in weight that sometimes its weight can be less than a nickel.  
  • Birds are smart creatures. They might not behave like humans but have their own way of doing things. Some of the smart behaviors exhibited by the birds include communication, remembering things and planning for the future. 

Why Are Birds Different in Colors?  

While looking upon different styles of birds, you might be wondering why are they not in the same color, especially when the function of most of the species is to fly. If you have this question in mind, then here we are addressing this question for you.  

  • Birds, being small species, are prone to attack by the other birds and animals. So, to hide from the predators, the different colors in the feathers can provide them a good way to hide. They can camouflage and dodge the predators in search for them. 
  • The different colors of the birds help in identifying their own species. 
  • The colors also help in attracting the potential mates as well. 

So, now you know that different colors of the bird species are because of all these reasons. Depending upon the habitat, nest formation and potential predators attack, the nature has selected these beautiful colors for your favorite bird.  

You can definitely use these variations in colors to your benefit when coloring the bird printable sheets available on Peasy Colorings. 

Play Natural Rhymes and Sounds Of Birds When You Are Busy Coloring  

Coloring should be even more fun than just filling in the colors. Filling in colors is obviously best but it would get even better if you’ll tune in the natural rhymes for your children when they are coloring. You can adopt this practice in schools as well. It will allow children to relate to the sheets they are coloring.   

Besides, the research proves that using the sensory and auditory skills together can help in the retention or memory power. With kids being new to all the learning environment, you can make the learning process easier. Play the sounds of birds, tell them some interesting facts and let them color the bird sheets. Soon, you’ll notice an increasing in the learning ability and the information retention level as well. Thus, providing you with a creative way to teach new things, isn’t it? 

Summing Up 

 A kid who loves coloring, as well as birds, would be extremely excited for the birds coloring pages. We have a vast collection of different types of birds compiled altogether in bird category of coloring pages. Coloring these birds will be a great way for a kid to learn new and exciting facts about them. If a kid sees a new drawing of a new bird, he/she will get curious and would want to know about it. In this way, he/she will increase its knowledge in a fun way.    

Additionally, coloring the complicated designs and shapes of different birds would also strengthen the ability of making innovative things. Moreover, the kids would get to know the features of the birds as well such as their color, name, personality traits, their signature posture, etc. Adding colors to the coloring pages would also increase their motor skills which is a great way to improve handwriting. The kids who color and are attracted to these types of activities are known to become creative in the future.  

Each bird has its natural responsibility as well. It will teach the children that everyone has something to provide to the society and family. Our free printable bird coloring pages available online will assist your children to learn about the various species of the birds. Furthermore, they will get to know about their unique features. We are certain that you will love to teach about the various birds through the adorable coloring pages of birds.   


1. What is the most intelligent bird on Earth that we know? 

Kea is the most intelligent bird that we know up till now.  

2. Can birds recognize humans? 

Yes, birds can recognize humans. It has been proven through multiple research studies that birds can recognize specific humans. This can be the owner of the pet, someone who helped the bird in a difficult situation or the one who tried to harm it in a certain situation.  

3. What are some common things that birds have in common? 

Birds have lightweight body to help in flying, beaks to eats and they lay eggs. All of the birds you can think of would have these characteristics except for the ones that can’t fly, like ostrich. They don’t have hollow bones.  

4. Which is the dumbest bird that we know about? 

Killdeer is the dumbest bird on Earth that we know.  

5. Can I fill in any color in my favorite birds coloring page? 

Yes, you can. Choosing the colors on your own will help you in enhancing your creative skills and imagination ability. But make sure you know the original colors that are specifically available in the bird too. It will help you in recognizing the birds when you see them around you.  

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