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Printable Kiwi Coloring Pages

Kiwi bird coloring pages makes you familiar with a hairy wingless bird. This unique creation of nature possesses no tail, and feathers looking like animal wool. The New Zealander bird has a body shaped like a pear with brown and gray plumage. It has a long beak and short legs.


  • kiwi coloring page

For children, who are interested in studying amusing animals of the world, this bird is quite fascinating to study. You can download and print these coloring sheets at no cost at all and in a convenient format.


Some Facts About the Kiwi Bird


  • The Kiwi bird is a dweller of New Zealand and is not very difficult to recognize.
  • Despite its small size, the eggs of the kiwi bird are the second largest egg in the bird species.
  • These strange chicks have a habit of feeding on insects, berries, shellfish, worms, etc.
  • The night kiwis move like a clockwork machine-like toy.
  • In the afternoon, these birds are careful and stop climbing into holes, pits, and under the tree roots. As the dusk begins, they leave their shelters to hunt.


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