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Mallard Coloring Pages to Download and Print for free

A mallard is a wild duck, found in various regions of North America and Europe. The male Mallards can be identified by their green head and grey wings whereas, the female Mallards have spotted brown plumage. These birds would like to stay together in a group and dwell near the lakes or rivers. If you like ducks, you would love to have printable Mallard coloring sheets and have fun coloring.

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  • mallard coloring page
  • mallard coloring page
  • malard coloring page
  • mallard coloring page


The Mallard birds feed on water plants or tiny insects. At our website, you will discover Mallard coloring pages. These coloring pages can help your kids in becoming familiar to this unique bird; take this as an opportunity and let them know some basic things regarding Mallard.


Things to Know about the Mallard Bird


  • The Mallard bird is around 56-65 cm long.
  • They have a wingspan of 81-98 cm wide.
  • The weight of these birds is about 2 to 2 ½ pounds.
  • Like the other ducks, they can also swim under the water, using their webbed feet.


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