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Pelican Coloring Pages to Print

Pelicans are popular as Flying Fishermen. Pelican Coloring Pages is a collection of black and white images of large waterfowl. The pelicans are easy to recognize. They have an enormous body, short thick legs, a long neck and a long bill like a hook, at the back of their head.  


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If you’re a fan of New Orleans Pelicans then you will love to print and color our New Orleans Pelicans coloring pages in the realistic coloring pages section for adults. You are definitely going to love filling in colors in this graceful bird.


Things to Talk about with Kids while Coloring 


  • As your child colors the pages, talk about pelicans and their traits. Moreover, tell them about the big pouch they possess to hold the fish.
  • Pelican is found all over the world. It lives near water and extremely occupied fishing areas.
  • The pelican has a few species that have wings as big as 3 meters. There are about 8 different species of pelicans.
  • Pelicans move rather awkwardly when on land. They can swim and fly perfectly, however, they can’t dive. Therefore, they catch the fishes that swim on the water surface only.


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