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Printable Coloring Pages for Free

Finding an activity for your kid’s free time is often a difficult thing to do. The most prominent things you can find includes the screen, which for obvious reasons shouldn’t be your priority. Then what should you do with your kids in their leisure time? COLORING seems to be the most relevant answer to this question.  

No matter how cliché you think it to be, coloring has multiple benefits that can help you and your kids. So, by adopting it as a regular activity, you’ll find a solution to your boredom and trigger the mental activity for your kids. 

Besides, you don’t have to make your kids get into this activity alone. You can be a part of this activity as well, thus providing you with some quality time to enjoy with your kids as a family. Besides, as adults, you can expect to relieve your tensions and stress through coloring. 

At Peasy Colorings, you’ll get the specific pages for kids and adults so everyone can enjoy their time with specialized pages especially designed for people of different ages.  

Find Amazing Coloring Pages by Categories: 

Do your kids love a cartoon character? Or do you want your kids to learn about new words and things around them? You can use coloring pages as the means for achieving all these objectives.  

To help you with the process, we have the coloring pages sorted for you in different category forms. You can search for your relevant category and get your favorite pages to color instantly.  

We have alphabet coloring pages, cartoon coloring pages, birds coloring pages, etc. Our priority is to continuously add the new pages, so you and your kids would never get bored of this activity.  

Keep checking the website for latest additions in the coloring sheets. 

Get the Alphabet Coloring Pages

Download the Birds coloring Pages

How can you get most out of the pages for coloring? 

Coloring can be a complex task, but not everyone understands the right treatment that a coloring sheet demands. Our focus here will be to help you get the most out of your pages for coloring. It will ensure you get the maximum benefits, so let’s start: 

If you are dealing with kids coloring pages, it is better to explain the kids the actual picture they are going to color and its usage. Moreover, it is better if you can give them an overall look of it in the original form. For example, if you have an A for Apple coloring sheet. Let the kids understand that Apple is red in color and it would be good for them to use the natural colors.  

Besides, sharing the initial letters, complete spellings, fruit category, and other relevant details with the kids can improve their memory about the particular thing.  

Once done, you should tell them the basics of coloring and what are your expectations from them while they finish their page. Sharing the coloring techniques would be a mild reinforcement for them to follow the specific guidelines that will make their coloring pages beautiful. Adopting this procedure will help them in following the same guidelines every time they color, enhancing their overall skill level in this field. 

Benefits of coloring and coloring pages:

Apart from a fun activity that kids and adults enjoy, there are multiple other benefits that are associated with this activity. If you aren’t aware of all such benefits, let us share them with you here in this section: 

  • Your kids can develop strength in their hands, helping them to learn to do other tasks that require strength and stronger hand grip 
  • While coloring your kids can learn gripping a pencil. It is essential for the later stages of kids’ learning and development. Getting to it early will help in making the kids adopt to the environment. 
  • Coloring also stimulates creativity in the young brains. They can use their imagination to create different color combinations, helping them in shaping their own world. 
  • Do you know, coloring can also improve the ability to express yourself? Whether it is you who want to work on your self-expression or you want your kids to learn this art, you can utilize this coloring activity as a means for this purpose. 
  • The improvement of motor skills can also be linked with this wonderful activity. Your kids can learn to move their hands within the boundaries of the picture, which helps in controlling their hand movement as required. 
  • While coloring the image, you can expect your kids to develop a deeper focus, helping them to use this trait in the other aspects of life. 

The best part is that all these benefits are not for a short span of time rather they are the essential skills and traits that we expect every child to learn and implement in different stages of life by allowing them to color, you’ll be helping them learn the difficult things in an ease and fun way.  

This isn’t it. You can also enjoy another set of benefit from this wonderful coloring activity. It includes:  

  • Spending some quality time with your kids while they learn 
  • Get to know about your kid’s dreams and help them figure out what they want 
  • Eliminates the boredom from their life 
  • Gives them a fun opportunity for learning new things 

What makes up the complete coloring tool box? 

Well, by now you must be convinced that coloring should be the regular part of your kid’s daily life, so what would you need to get it started? Here are a few things that we’ll suggest: 

  • Coloring sheets: You can download the beautiful coloring pages from Peasy Colorings and print them for your children to let them color it. The process is simple and won’t require much of your time.    
  • Color Pencils (as many colors as possible) – no specific brand; anything you and your kids like will work 
  • Eraser 
  • Sharpeners 

This is what a simple tool kit will look like. But you can enhance it further if you like to add anything fancy in it.  

One of the additions that we would suggest you is to buy a few beautiful stickers as well. Once your kid performs outstandingly, you can give every time. They can use it on their color sheet or keep it for later use. But this will motivate them to perform better next time.  

Some coloring tips for young one: 

Being a parent or a teacher, you might be confused about how to teach your kids to color. So, here we are sharing a few tips that you can share with children and even implement it for yourself if you want to improve your coloring skills.  

Here are they: 

Start with creating an outline of the picture. You can use black color pencil or the same color that you’ll use to fill the space in. It won’t only improve the tracing skills but will also make the picture beautiful. 

  1. Start coloring from the top and slowly move to the bottom.  
  1. Don’t use random strokes. Color the picture in a single direction.  
  1. It is better to use light hand for coloring (younger kids usually put all the pressure on the pencil, which often results in tearing of the page). 
  1. Don’t do too much. If you feel you are done for the day, call a day off. Don’t over burden yourself as it won’t being in any benefits for you.  

Drawing and coloring: What’s the connection? 

While coloring is a thing that everyone can always try but drawing is not something that every individual is capable of. Even the pictures you are using as coloring sheets right now are designed by specialized people who know this specific art.  

Although we believe that you need to put special effort for drawing but when you’ll introduce your kids with images and pictures at an early age, you can help them observe the minute details that might help them in trying this specific art.  

Moreover, by providing kids with the coloring pages, you are giving them a baseline to follow that can trigger their interest and help them sort the difficulties that they might encounter in drawing.  

Furthermore, trying any skill from an early stage has higher chances of getting accepted or used-to to a level that it becomes a routine. So, while letting your kids color, you’ll be getting this additional benefit.  

Summing up: 

Coloring is a beautiful activity that can keep your kids engaged for hours. Even you won’t have to worry about their hobby as it will bring them a lot of physical emotional and educational benefits. Besides, this activity is not for the kids alone, you can choose your favorite coloring sheets and get your frustration out. As a parent, joining your kid can give extra confidence and a stronger motivation to make coloring a habit.  

To get the coloring sheets in different categories, you should explore the Peasy Colorings website and have fun.  

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