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Free Printable Tweety Bird Coloring Pages

Tweety Bird is commonly known as Tweety or Tweety pie. This bird is the fictional character that was created by an American animator. He has come up with a variety of children’s products including school supplies, umbrellas, shoes, bags, watches and even Tweety coloring pages.


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We don’t quite know what species it may belong to, but Tweety is one of the most looked for topics for online printable coloring pages. The cute Tweety Bird coloring pages may present its character alone or have a company of other famous cartoon characters.


Facts you May Never Knew about the Tweety Bird


  • Tweety appeared in approximately 49 cartoons during the US animation Golden Age.
  • The Tweety bird character is actually a male bird, however, it is mostly mistaken for a female character because of his feminine name and appearance.
  • Regardless of being referred to as yellow canary, the Tweety bird is usually mentioned as a unique bird, probably the only living species of his kind.
  • The word “Tweet” means “Sweet”.


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