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Road Runner Coloring Pages to Print for Free

The Road Runner birds are a small group of fast birds, member of the cuckoo family. These birds are usually found in the areas of Mexico and sometimes Central America. As there is a famous cartoon on this bird too, therefore, usually the kids are a great fan of the Road Runner bird. The children would love to have their favorite Road Runner coloring pages and add different colors in it.


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  • roadrunner coloring page
  • roadrunner coloring page
  • roadrunner coloring page

You can find a vast collection of these birds at Go through our website and discover the Road Runner cartoon coloring pages to download and print. Moreover, all of the images available are at no cost.


Types of Road Runner Birds 

The Road Runner birds have only 2 types of species. 


Greater Road Runner 

The Greater Road Runners are around 20-24 inches long, have 17-24 inches wide wingspan, weighing about 7.8-19.0 oz. The height of the Greater Road Runner is about 9.8-11.8 inches tall. These species are not migratory so they stay at their native place. 


Lesser Road Runner

The Lesser Road Runners are slender birds, reaching a length about 18 inches. The tails are very tall. The male Road Runner weighs around 174-204 grams whereas the females weigh in between 162-192 grams. The Lesser and Greater Road Runner are identical; however, they differ in sizes.  


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