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Sparrow Coloring Pages to Print

Sparrow coloring pages invite children to study a familiar bird living in a close garden. These funny climbers have a brown upper back part with dark longitudinal stripes. Whereas, their lower part and head are grey . The wings of a sparrow bird are decorated with a reddish outline. These tiny sparrows are famous characters in most of the children’s artworks.


  • sparrow coloring page
  • sparrow coloring page
  • sparrow coloring page
  • sparrow coloring page
  • sparrow coloring page
  • sparrow coloring pages

The children who are interested in creativity, should download and print Sparrow coloring sheets free of charge from our website. Also, you can print these images in high quality and in any format.


Habits and Habitat of the Sparrow Bird


  • Sparrows are tiny, but they can survive in different terrains. Whether it is mountains, meadow lands, hills, plains, marshy areas or farmland, sparrows can survive through it all.
  • These birds can be found throughout the world except the North and South Poles.
  • In the spring you can notice active noisy groups of these birds, comparable to expressive tweets about the ending of the winter season.
  • These small creatures with a short tail and a strong bill do not fly away from their place. They are not migratory.
  • They have a diet containing insects, seeds, young buds, grains, bread crumbs, etc.


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