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Storks Coloring Pages for Free

Get our collection of Stork’s coloring pages to print and color. This interesting bird, Stork, is long-necked. They have around 20 species and they are related to Flamingos, herons and ibises. These birds do not have much color in them. The whole body has black, white, orange and red color on different parts.


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Spark the different colors and show off your creativity on your favorite printable Storks coloring pages for free. These images are suitable for toddlers, kindergarten students, and preschoolers. At, you’ll find not only Stork’s coloring pages, but also the other birds in our Bird coloring pages category.


Things to Talk about with Kids When Coloring


  • It ranges from 60 cm to 150 cm in height.
  • It is the tallest flying bird in America.
  • It is known as a fact that storks don’t have a voice due to the absence of completely developed vocal organs.
  • Usually, these birds fly with their neck outstretched and legs dragging.
  • They are found primarily in Africa, Europe and Asia.


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