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Letter X Coloring Page

The Letter X coloring pages are coloring sheets having black and white line art of the letter X. These sheets also have images of different fruits, shapes, animals, and many more different things, having X in the spellings This will help your kid to learn about new things and get to know new different words with their pronunciations. 

letter X is for Xylophone coloring page
X for xylophone coloring page
Letter X coloring page
X for x ray coloring page

Moreover, these sheets will also clear any confusion in a kid’s mind about small and capital X as they are both written same and only differ in size. You can find a wide range of these coloring pages on our website, which is fun and a great learning opportunity for every kid. 

Letter X coloring page
X for x-ray fish coloring page
Letter X coloring page
Exercising x coloring page

Parents and teachers can use these coloring pages of letter X to help children in the learning process.

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