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Bluebird Coloring Pages

Bluebirds are very beautiful and extremely sweet. These cute bluebirds are territorial in order to keep their young ones safe. If you love birds, coloring and blue crayons, the Bluebird coloring pages is just what you need. Using different coloring tools is not only a fun thing to do. but it also enhances different motor skills.

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Some Bluebird Facts 

  • The bluebirds work hard for around two to five days to complete a nest. 
  • The nest of these birds is very light and delicate. It is made of  that includes grasses 
  • These birds are around 6-8 inches long. 
  • Their wingspan is around 9-12 inches long and they weigh about 1 ounce only. 
  • The female bluebird lays 3 to 8 pale eggs in one time. However, she incubates them one of them at a time. 
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