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Flamingo coloring pages To Print Online

On our website, you can find fascinating Flamingo coloring pages and pictures to print out and color. Flamingo birds are specified by their delicate, long and thin body. The flamingo coloring pages feature a flamingo in this signature poses. That is one leg raised and the other one stuck under the body. Be certain that your child has his pink crayon all set to put in a splash of color to this creature with feathers. Go on and get your favorite cute Flamingo coloring sheet on our website by downloading and printing them from our collection at Peasycolorings.com with no charges at all.

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Different Species of Flamingos in the World

The Flamingo birds can be classified into six species. Following are the 6 species of Flamingo


  • Greater Flamingo: They are the most widespread species in the Flamingo Family, found in the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Indian continent.
  • Lesser Flamingo: They are distributed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and India.
  • Chilean Flamingo: They are found in different countries such as Peru, Chile, Brazil, etc.
  • James’s Flamingo: They dwell in the high-altitude regions near the Andean Plateau.
  • Andean Flamingo: These Flamingos are found in the Andean mountains of South America.
  • The American Flamingo: They are the only species that are found in the North American wilds.
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