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Cute Duck coloring pages to Print

Ducks are wild as well as domesticated birds. They are mostly a farm species. They are adored by kids for their graceful walk and entertaining voice. Kids love to catch the ducks around in meadows and fields. Ducks are also featured in numerous animated films and cartoon series for their adorable appearance. Ducks are one of the most famous topics for coloring pages. Children love to fill in the Duck coloring pages with cute vibrant colors.

  • donald duck
  • duck besides a pond
  • excited donald duck
  • flying duck
  • four ducklings
  • running donald duck
  • standing duck
  • duck

At, you can download and print the cute duck cartoon character line arts to color such as Donald Duck, Daffy Duck and Daisy Duck coloring pages. Get the vast collection of coloring pages of Ducks for free.

Defining Traits of a Duck


  • The ducks have wide, webbed feet that help them in strong efficient swimming. The color of the duck’s feet varies from one another.
  • The bill of a duck usually broad and flat for easy scooping of food. However, the size and shape may also vary.
  • They have a compact body that is structured for swimming and preserving the body temperature.
  • The plumage of the duck is well-constructed. The feathers are tightly connected to each other while helps in keeping their body temperature warm.

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