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Free Osprey Coloring Pages to Download and Print

The Osprey, often known as the sea hawk or fish eagle, is a fish-eating bird of prey. This bird is a large raptor that always fish for food in the water and dwell vastly all around the world. It reaches 60 cm in length, having a wingspan of 2m. The body of this bird is brown on the upper parts and mostly greyish on the head and underparts. The Osprey coloring pages would be suitable mainly for the adults or older age kids as it requires detailed coloring and shadings. 

Discover, download and print the free Osprey coloring sheets you want and enjoy coloring. You are going to need different dark shades of brown, black and white colors. So, you can create this black and white line art into a creative artwork. 

 Facts about the Osprey Bird 

  • As its other common name indicates, the Osprey’s diet exclusively comprises of fish. 
  • The Osprey has a wide range of habitats that also includes nesting in any location near water surface providing sufficient food supply.  
  • It is found on all the continents except for Antarctica but is present in South America. 
  • These birds are active at the day time; hence, they are diurnal. 

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